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Fuel & Nourish was formed by chef and restaurant consultant, Sharn Walton in 2015. It was established with the belief that healthy eating not only needs to be exciting, delicious and healthy, but most importantly needs to be more accessible in our busy lives. Sharn worked closely with local gyms, personal trainers and a local nutritionist to slowly build a client base which we still have now in our finished article, Fuel & Nourish. The name emerged after months of trial and error, but eventually we decided to create a name that depicts the way in which we not only fuel our clients, but also nourish them! We have combined Sharn's restaurant experience as a chef of 18 years with his work showcasing his amazing ideas to the local people, to establish our company as it is now. Travelling across the globe to places with a strong understanding of health such as America, Scandinavia and Australia, has given us extra inspiration into an ever-expanding market, which places us alongside the best in the industry.

Currently the company now works to encourage and educate people to eat a balanced diet consisting of lean proteins, healthy fats and good carbohydrates. We believe in real whole food prepared fresh daily without the use of preservatives. By using this combination of local, clean, natural ingredients, hand-crafted by top chefs, and food science from our in-house nutritionist, we provide the perfect macro or calorie tailored meals, providing perfect nourishment and fuel which not only tastes good, but delivers optimum results.

Fuel & Nourish is a whole clean meal prep company based in Essex, UK. We create and deliver bespoke healthy clean, nutritious meals from complete daily meal plans to corporate catering for a wide range of people in the South East. We strive to make fresh, healthy meals to go which are designed to increase energy levels and help you lose weight safely and naturally, but most importantly provide great tasting, nutritious and balanced food for ALL.